From Reviews of Whatever Happened to Mourning Free

“What every good series title should be: a stand-alone read that smoothly connects past events with present-day decisions, and a fitting addition that both enhances the overall series and stands firmly on its own two feet. Its ability to immerse newcomers and old fans alike is exceptional.”  Midwest Book Review

Intriguing read all through til the end. By far the best book of the trilogy.” Amazon Customer

“This is one of the best authors ever in nearly 70 years of reading! This is a superb book.” Observer One, Amazon Customer

“There are very few books that draw me in like this series has.” Zoe@Blessed and Bewildered, Amazon Customer

“Yael Politis is a wonderful writer. I absolutely love this final book in the Olivia series.” Olivia Tuttle, Amazon Customer

“I read all 3 of the books in the series over the course of my summer holiday….I loved all of them, and especially this one that tied the lives of the characters together and brought the story full circle. The underlying messages about race are so relevant, especially in our world today.” K. Fox, Amazon Customer

The racial tensions in the ’60’s was something I actually experienced. This story brought back the nervousness and fear of that time. This author has done a superb job of illustrating the hate and ignorance of that time. The soul searching Charlene, the main character, does is the same as many of us did.” Kari, Amazon Customer

I love the way Yael Politis writes. This is the third in a series and does not disappoint.
After the first two books, I could not pass up the rest of the story. These books are
entertaining and at the same time take the reader to a different time and place in the
history of this great nation. Each is educational and a great read.” Jonnie Adams, Amazon Customer

Great juxtaposition of past and present. I lived near the Detroit riots and remembered how awful it was. Story seemed so real, thoughtfully written and made me aware of the terrible tragedy of slavery. I loved the relationships from both centuries. Fine writing style and I will read the three books again.” Gammy of 7, Amazon Customer

“The last in the three book series….a wonderful story that I recommend to all who enjoy historical fiction. The story is one of those you don’t want to end….fascinating characters living in vivid detail a life I can only imagine. This series is of the best I have read in quite awhile.” Cornelia H. Mullins, Amazon Customer

“This series was simply amazing! I felt as though I knew Olivia, Mourning, Charlie, Charlotte and Reeves. Wonderful character development. I highly recommend all 3 books!” Amazon Customer

“The entire Olivia series would make a wonderful movie. I read them all back to back, even dreaded the thought of having to put them down to do any chore at all (including sleep)! Whatever Happened to Mourning Free took a while to get into but after coming to the "answer", I enjoyed how the relationships blended and how much Charlene resembled Olivia in her personality. Loved each and every story.” L. R. Reyam, Amazon Customer

“I’ve just completed this third book in the Olivia, Mourning series. It was so worth the wait. The writing style draws me into the story, makes me feel as if I am a ‘just-out-of-the-picture bystander’, not part of the story but experiencing it.” Patti Miller, Amazon Customer

“These three books touched me in a way I would not have believed. I wish that she would continue the series to the present day. I highly recommend this author and all 3 of these books.” Donna Torti, Amazon Customer

“I waited for this third book, and when I began to read it I wasn’t happy with the Charlene stuff. However, I kept at it and am so happy I bought this 3rd book! This is a wonderful story – and story teller! A spectacular third in the the series and PLEASE – don’t stop here.” Robbie P., Amazon Customer

“At first I wasn’t quite sure if I was going to get into this book like I did the other two but it didn’t take very long for me to get really engrossed in it. I never wanted to put it down. It was that good. I was sad that it ended (it seems) so quickly. I graduated HS in 1967 and I remember feelings that I had about all the racial things going on at that time in my life. I really enjoyed the whole Olivia series and know that you will too!” Elizabeth, Amazon Customer

“Among the very best historical novels I have ever read, and I have read plenty. Well researched, but more importantly compelling, interesting, captivating, enjoyable. I couldn’t put the first book down and when I finished it, I bought the second immediately and read it in 24 hours, and immediately bought the third book which I finished a day later. I found myself deeply invested in the characters and thirsting for more. Well written and extremely thought provoking. Fabulous books!” Mer, Amazon Customer

“I love this series. The writer is superb at making the reader care about her very real characters.” Linda, Amazon Customer

“If you read the first two books of this series, you MUST read this just to find out (as the title suggests) What Happened! It is very satisfying to revisit these characters one has come to know so well. It was very clever how the author embedded this story within one that was much more contemporary — giving you two different stories in two different time periods, but with very common threads. While things may have changed, maybe not as much as one would hope along the lines of racial discrimination. The early story (1840’s) was during a time of social transitions (pre-Civil war), and the later story (1960’s) was also a time of social transition. It was an interesting parallel.” Roberta A. Chase, Amazon Customer