Whatever Happened to Mourning Free?

Book 3 of the Olivia Series

Yael Politis

Whatever Happened to Mourning Free? skips forward three generations and focuses on descendants of the Killion and Free families, who still face some of the problems with which Olivia and Mourning contended. It’s 1967 and Charlene Connor has just graduated from the University of Michigan – without her “Mrs.” Her mother recently passed away and soon afterwards her father fled the silence to a new job on the other side of the state, so Charlene is going “home” to what is now an empty house. Two things make this long, hot summer bearable: Reeves Valenti – the high school sweetheart she left behind – and the lawyer who unexpectedly knocks on her door, bringing information about the woman she idolizes – her great-great-great Aunt Olivia Killion. Charlene can’t wait to get Olivia’s journals from him and finally learn what happened to Olivia and her friend and partner Mourning Free. She doesn’t know that the answer to that question will deepen the connection she feels to Olivia and bring a new person – and a fundamental change – into her life. Is It Autobiographical? No. Just for fun, I gave Charlene the shell of my life. I grew up in the Foundation, attended Edsel Ford High School, and began my college education in Ann Arbor. So on paper, Charlene and I have a lot in common. In fact, am I anything like her? In my dreams.

“What every good series title should be: a stand-alone read that smoothly connects past events with present-day decisions, and a fitting addition that both enhances the overall series and stands firmly on its own two feet. Its ability to immerse newcomers and old fans alike is exceptional.”  Midwest Book Review

Intriguing read all through til the end. By far the best book of the trilogy.” Amazon Customer“This is one of the best authors ever in nearly 70 years of reading! This is a superb book.” Observer One, Amazon Customer

“There are very few books that draw me in like this series has.” Zoe@Blessed and Bewildered, Amazon Customer

“Yael Politis is a wonderful writer. I absolutely love this final book in the Olivia series.” Olivia Tuttle, Amazon Customer

“I read all 3 of the books in the series over the course of my summer holiday....I loved all of them, and especially this one that tied the lives of the characters together and brought the story full circle. The underlying messages about race are so relevant, especially in our world today.”

  • Vintage Contemporary Fiction (USA, Dearborn, 1967)
  • Historical Fiction (USA, Detroit, 1840s)
  • Women’s Historical Fiction
  • Page Count: 451 Word Count: 148,000
  • ISBN: 978-1502591524
  • ASIN: B00O1B1J6S
  • Publisher: Yael Politis

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