The Summer of 1848

Book 4 of the Olivia Series

Yael Politis

It is 1848 in Detroit, Michigan. Olivia and Mourning thought they had succeeded in creating a home of sorts. A credible lie conceals their secret and makes it possible for them to live under the same roof, together with their son. They have a means of support, they have friends, and they have each other. But something is wrong. This life has begun to feel confining and unsustainable. Mourning has to get away for a while and leaves Olivia to struggle with her own choices. Can they force what feels impossible to become possible and remain a family?

"I love this book as much as I have the rest of the Olivia Series."

"Great story that kept me reading. One of my favorite authors! Thank you!"

"Anyone who likes historical fiction, as I do, will enjoy The Olivia Series by Yael Politis. The long awaited for fourth book, "The Summer of 1848" did not disappoint! The reader is caught up on what is happening in the lives of Olivia and Mourning, along with the current events of the time. I always come away from the books in this series, learning about historical events I didn't previously know. I am now looking forward to Book 5."

"Yael Politis continues to draw the reader in to make us concerned with the everyday lives of these characters in the mid-1800's. She teaches us a bit of history as we travel the country with them as they learn and grow themselves."

  • Historical Fiction (USA 1840s)
  • Word Count: 92,000
  • ASIN: B075VR59V9
  • Publisher: Yael Politis

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