Work in Progress

Money and Good Things Book 5 of the Olivia Series

It is 1856. Olivia and Nick have been married for 8 years and have two daughters. Charlie, Olivia’s son by Mourning Free, still lives with them most of the year, when not spending a few weeks with Mourning. In all that time, Olivia and Mourning have not been in a room together. Charlie always waited for his father to pick him up at the Second Baptist Church in Detroit, and a few weeks later Michelle went there to bring Charlie back home.
Yesterday evening, when Michelle went to get Charlie, Mourning told her he wanted to speak to Olivia about something. So now, as Olivia awaits Mourning’s arrival, she is trying to sort out her feelings and wondering how Mourning and Nick – who have never met – will cope with this at best awkward and at worst distressful first encounter. There is also a lengthy telegram waiting at Olivia’s boarding house. It arrived a few days ago, for Mourning from someone in Missouri. Missouri and Kansas have been suffering through a series of horrific border skirmishes  – over the question of whether Kansas will be a free or slave state – and this person seems to be in danger and in need of Mourning’s help.