From Reviews of The Way the World Is

“Yael Politis has become one of my favourite authors. She first hooked me with her amazing story of struggle, hope and tragedy in the Middle East during the Palestinian Mandate – ‘The Lonely Tree’. For this new series, she has returned to her Michigan roots and turned out a wonderfully atmospheric ongoing story of a remarkable woman, battling prejudice, bigotry, fear and discrimination in 19th century America. I eagerly await Book Three. If you haven’t read Yael Politis yet, you’re in for a treat. If you have, you’ll know exactly what I mean.” Catherine Cavendish, Author “Yael Politis is becoming one of my favorite Authors. She is a talented writer who has that special ability to place the reader into the story, and make them feel as if they are part of it. Her research is so well developed that it shows in every facet of this astounding story. I would highly recommend this book to all readers.” Marilou, Amazon Customer “This 3 book series was simply amazing! I thoroughly enjoyed it. I felt as though I knew Olivia, Mourning, Charlie, Charlotte and Reeves personally. Wonderful character development. I highly recommend reading all 3 books!” cdoyle236, Amazon Customer “I loved “Olivia, Mourning” so much. I couldn’t wait to read the 2nd book of the series . . . and I was not disappointed. The writing is so good, that the author makes you feel as if you can touch the characters.” E. A. Stowers, Amazon Customer “I can’t say enough good things about this author. ”Oddo, Amazon CustomerThe best story I have read in a long time. The characters are all so deep and true. The personalities complex and the writer makes me feel like I really know these people.” Amazon Customer “I fell in love with the character of Olivia. She is someone to admire. Enjoyed her story and the story of Mourning Free and the picture of a young and growing city of Detroit. The other characters also felt very alive and real to me in all their diversities and quirks. My take home message: don’t judge people harshly and try to make the world a better place one kindness, one courageous act at a time. Thank you to the author.”  Amazon Customer “Still loving this story….. Just purchased the third book. Gotta go!!!! So, so real. I definitely feel as though I know each character, every leaf, every ripple in the rivers and lakes. Every fear, joy, triumph and yes, even every mistake speak loud and clear. What a gifted author, what a gift to read this story.” Holly J. Mulrooney, Amazon CustomerCouldn’t stop reading! I love historial novels and these were the best. I read some of it over again because it seemed so real I was afraid might have missed something.” James Jardine, Amazon Customer “There is a lot of character development in these books. You will feel like you are with friends by the time you finish. I highly recommend this book and this series.” Pomptonqueen, Amazon Customer “Fabulous historical fiction. After reading “Olivia, Mourning”, I couldn’t wait to read “The Way the World Is.” I was not disappointed. Yael Politis is a wonderful writer who creates a world and characters who are bigger than life. I could not put either book down.” Kindle Customer “Great books, I love this writer.” Joan LeBlanc, Amazon Customer “I had to purchase and continue reading the story of Olivia and Mourning. I’m so glad I did. I believe this second book was even better than the first.” KLH456, Amazon Customer “I absolutely loved this sequel to Olivia, Mourning! Rich and fascinating details on every page. The characters are so well written. I couldn’t put it down … by far, the best book I have gotten through BookGorilla.” Christina Miller, Amazon Customer “I purchased this novel after downloading the first in the series for free. It was, by far, the best book I have gotten through BookGorilla.” Amazon Customer “I usually am bored with a series by the time I finish the second book, not so with Olivia.” Virginia Serghides, Amazon Customer “I absolutely loved both Olivia Mourning and this 2nd book in the series. I can’t remember when I’ve read such a captivating book.” Amazon Customer “I haven’t enjoyed a series like this since Diana Gabaldon’s Outlander Series.” Terri M. Williams, Amazon Customer “Excellent! I loved everything about this book. Made me smile, cry and cheer our heroine on for her strength of character under daunting circumstances. Can’t wait for #3!”  Barbara H. Dega, Amazon CustomerCharacters Who Grab Your Heart. Thank you to Ms. Politis for bringing us this heartwarming story. The characters are described in such real terms that I feel they are part of my life. The dialogue is so natural and genuine …” Arnold, Amazon Customer