Olivia’s Paper Dolls

The paper dolls below were created by my Great Aunt, Effie Gay Greenstreet (1876-1944). When Effie Gay was 9 and her sister Ella May (my Great Grandmother – 1876-1964) was 16, their father, Francis, died of a stroke. His wife Maria died the next day (I don’t know the cause). Francis’ sister took the girls in.
Small Ella May and Effie Gay

Ella May and Effie Gay Greenstreet

Effie Gay was divorced from her first husband and before marrying her second, supported herself by oil panting, sewing, and designing and selling the Greenstreet paper dolls. Ella May was widowed and later in life also had to support herself. I think they were both a lot like Olivia.
Small Paper Doll in Blue Dress
Small Paper Doll Naked
Small Intro
Small Directions