Life in the Etzion Bloc

Surviving Living Quarters One of the two structures of living quarters in Kfar Etzion that survived the destruction of the Etzion Bloc in 1949

Lonely Tree 1 The Lonely Tree

Reconstructed German Monastery 2 Reconstruction of the German Monastery

Neveh Ovadiah 1 Reconstruction of Neveh Ovadiah

Museum The Museum in Kfar Etzion Today

real picture of bus to Kfar Etzion Tonia’s School Bus

orchard in KE Orchards

laundry Laundry Day

main path Main Path

neve ovadia front Neve Ovadiah

noter on roof of German monastery Guard on Roof of Neve Ovadiah

irrigation Irrigation in Orchards

going to work Going to Work

first day Massuot Yitzchak Tents in Ein Tzurim

Etzion_Tal_Prisoners Men Taken Prisoner by Arab Legion

ALIYAH TO EIN TZURIM On the Way to Build Ein Tzurim

Gimnasia The Hebrew Gymnasia – Tonia’s High School

house like rozmann's House in Rehavia, Similar to the Rozmann’s Home

jerusalem railway station 1933J Jerusalem Train Station – Then and Now

jerusalem queen helena street 1941 Jerusalem – Queen Helene Street – Then and Now