From Reviews of The Lonely Tree

“A riveting literary piece! The Lonely Tree vividly recounts the experiences of Tonia Shulman, who is a small child when her family leaves Poland for British Mandate Palestine and a teenager when they move (against Tonia’s strenuous objections) to an isolated kibbutz. Life on the kibbutz is dangerous and demanding, but its difficulties pale in the face of the growing Nazi presence that is consuming Europe – and the extended families they left behind. Tonia struggles with faith, politics, identity, personal ambition, and a blossoming – but seemingly impossible – romance, as she seeks a safe place to call home, in a terrifying world. The Lonely Tree is the first fictionalized account of the true story of the siege and fall of the Etzion Bloc settlements, south of Jerusalem. Seen through Tonia’s evolving political, spiritual, and social sensibility, this period is brought to life in a compelling read that requires no prior familiarity with the time and place. Especially adept at portraying personal growth and changing perceptions, The Lonely Tree is a riveting work that deserves a place in any collection of contemporary historical fiction or Jewish/Israeli literature.” Midwest Book Review, April 2019, D. Donovan, Senior eBook Reviewer “The writing is very eloquent and the story flowed beautifully.  The narrative is moving, with humour and pathos and is also very informative about a specific part of Jewish history.I would highly recommend this book.” BookRabbit, reviewed by Ruth H. “The book is well written, with evocative descriptions, gripping action, well-realized characters, and authentic appeals to the emotions.” ezine@rticles, reviewed by Elma Schemenauer “Politis’ style is restrained, economical and mostly understated. She is a remarkably unobtrusive author. I believe that you will find not a single dull paragraph in this entire work. It is a gripping insight into the psyche of several different kinds of person, a vivid account of the forces that drive both human idealism and human destructiveness.” Gold Dust Magazine, London, reviewed by David Gardener “The author’s writing style is excellent, it flows well and tells the story in such a way that it is immediately interesting … Yael Politis is an excellent author who really knows how to make a story readable, this is a book that everyone should read at some point.” Curious Book Fans, reviewed by sunmeilan The Lonely Tree by Yael Politis is a sweeping tale set against the Jewish settlement of Palestine and the establishment of a Jewish state … This book is a great one for mother-daughter book clubs with girls aged 15 and older to choose, particularly if they are interested in historical fiction and more specifically the history of the modern state of Israel.” Mother Daughter Book Club “There is a lot of history in this story of love and war that makes more sense now than when I was trying to figure this whole mess out in the Israeli region. What a marvelous book by a marvelous author…read it and you will feel as if you have seen the movie.” C. Yates, Vine Voice “This is a thoughtful and intriguing story that transported me in time to 1930’s Israel/British Palestine … The historical detail and the turbulence of the times are poignantly written and historically accurate … I would highly recommend this book for its powerful and descriptive writing style.” Marilou, Amazon Customer “Ms. Politis told a fascinating story with real characters that I came to love, even with their flaws.” Bubs, Amazon Customer “I feel that this writer has a gift for story telling and I am thoroughly glad to have found this book.” VA Joanie, Amazon Customer “Have read many, many “survivor” stories relating to WWII, however not anything like this. Though the author declares the people are not real….. I was so engrossed throughout the complete novel, it certainly FELT as though each and every character were sitting in the room with me and literally telling me the complete story, word for word! What an amazing debut novel. Way to go, Yael!!!!” Holly J. Mulrooney, Amazon Customer “What a splendid writer, what a story … If you have read her tales of Olivia and Mourning Free, she will not disappoint you with this (I think earlier) book. I was spellbound for four days. Still am. Ms. Politis must keep writing for us.” HannahHinchman, Amazon Customer “While this book is completely separate from the Olivia Series, it is still a gripping and powerful story that will hold your interest throughout the entire book. It gives an entirely new and different perspective about life in another time and place, a family’s struggles and tragedies they had to face and live through. You have to read it for yourself. I am so impressed with Yael Politis and her gift for telling stories and her ability to grab your interest with her first sentence!” Karen Clegg, Amazon Customer “I’m always a little hesitant about what to write here …when a novel is just so damned good it makes reviewing it even more difficult. I just enjoyed this novel from start to finish, and have nothing but such words as “great”, “wonderful”, “entertaining” … and all of those to say about it. If you don’t get and read this novel, you’ll come to regret it. It’s great, just plain great” patrick e bates, Amazon Customer “Ms. Politis’ first novel is incredibly deep and moving. Her characters are so well developed, I feel as though I know them. And after reading this book, I come away with a better understanding of the early days of the Jewish nation.” CJfblo, Amazon Customer “I loved this book … The Lonely Tree had me inside of the story. I was alongside the characters in the novel … This story would make a great film.” Amazon Customer “The Lonely Tree was to me a wonderful look at an unique time in history and an ageless culture. The story of modern Israel’s birth and struggle to exist in the midst of hostility, as seen through the eyes of a Jewish teen. Ms. Politis takes the reader to the era of WWII and follows a family from war torn Poland to a kibbutz where they live and fight for the infant nation. It was well written with well developed characters. I recommend it to anyone who loves historical history and a good read.” Jonnie Adams, Amazon Customer “This book is very well-written, well-paced, and a terrific read. The first few pages are a bit slow-going but then it pulls you in for a unique glimpse of the life of a Jewish girl in the 1930s and 1940s.I am familiar with this period but learned a lot that I didn’t know. I did a little fact checking (though I agree with other reviewers that this is a hard book to put down) without finding any inaccuracies. And the love story is great. Every woman should have an Amos. I can’t recommend this book highly enough.” Lynn, Amazon Customer “So far I have read all 3 books Yael has written and I have so enjoyed reading her writing that I can’t wait for the next one. Her writing is like music to me as I read her stories. Amazing author.” Judy Venters, Amazon Customer “One of the best novels I’ve read this year! Thank you Yael Politis for writing this story.” rdgpmd, Amazon Customer “Amazing read…makes you feel like you are right there. Gives me knowledge and insight I didnt have before. Awesome! Made me read other books by the same author. Equally as compelling.” Amazon Customer “This story painted a picture from different points of view about life in Israel around World War II. I could not put it down.” Glora K. Green, Amazon Customer “his book was lovely and so enlightening. The author really knows how to capture ones heart and soul. Highly recommended!” Crystal Miles Gauthier, Amazon Customer “This is such a great read. A definite “can’t put it down book”. I can hardly wait for her next one.” R. Sherrell, Amazon Customer